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Birthday Party Information:


Staff will arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the party to assist in decorating and set up. We ask that the building be cleared 15 minutes following the end of the party due to scheduling of other events.


Birthday Parties for Dance/Cheer/Tumbling:  

Includes use of the dance studios or tumbling gym for 1 hour and half an hour for cake and presents.

* 1 Hour of dance, cheer or tumbling activities with a professional coach. 


Birthday Parties for Baseball/Softball players:

Includes use of the hitting facility for 1 hour and half an hour for cake and presents.

* 1 Hour of instruction and games. 


$175 Members

$225 Non-Members 



Do I need to bring equipment (helmets, bats, etc.) or will there be some provided?

Baseball/Softball-Each child needs to bring their own helmet and bat. No cleats.

Dance/Cheer/Tumbling-Wear athletic clothes


Is there a place I can set up some stuff for the littles ones that are coming?

We have a party room and large open area for cake, presents, and food. 


How many kids can we have (batting cage ages)?

There is not a limit to invited guests. We do ask that a guardian of the birthday girl/boy assist the DA instructor if inviting over 15 participants. 


What is the beginning age for the cages?

We have had as young as 4 years old in the batting cage. As long as they're wearing a helmet, there's no age limit.


* All participants must sign a Diamond Athletics Release form prior to participation. 

* The renter is responsible for any damages that might occur to property. 

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